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I'm Shekenya Harris, CEO of Shekenya Harris Empire. I'm a Mother, Author, Speaker, Transformational HIScoach, Entrepreneur, and Activist for child sexual abuse.

As a child, I was raped and molested by both male and female. I struggled with suicidal thoughts and attempts, low-self esteem, lack of self love and self worth, and I became very standoffish. I later became a teen mother at the age of 16 and gotten myself into debt by my early 20's. My life was heading in the wrong direction.

I grew to know that the power to change my life was in my own hands. I realized that nothing would change unless I put in the effort to change it for myself and to allow God to reign in my life. I proceeded with personal development and started to build a true relationship with God. I’m not perfect but I’m better. I begin to take my finances seriously and set out to improve them in order to produce generational wealth. I changed the way I thought about life in general. I also started to focus on finding happiness within.

Instead of letting sexual abuse destroy me, I allowed myself to properly heal. I took back everything that the enemy set out to steal from me. I've since assumed my true God-given identity!

I founded SHE in 2008, published Tell Me Mommy! in 2010, founded X-Jahnae Fashion in 2011, and became a certified HIScoach in 2013.

My main purpose in life is to help people from all walks of life transform. I'll acheive this by edifying, inspiring,  and empowering individuals through spiritual guidance .

I'm now accepting interview invites and speaking engagements.

Have a blessed day,
Shekenya Harris


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