shekenya harris

A Real Woman Will…

Let me tell you how much I’m sick of hearing a real woman will do this or a real woman will do that. Chile, I’m 10,000% tired of hearing it. I mean, if it made any sense I think I’d be cool with it. Hell, I’ve even said that before until I realized that this whole “real woman” and “real man” movement is simply a projection of other people’s opinions.

In addition to that, it’s rooted in what people want that they aren’t receiving. It’s often used as a tool of manipulation. Think about it. When is it mostly said and by who and what are those people who are saying it desires? Now, I’m not talking about all the pick me chicks and dudes on social media. They don’t know any better. They are just following the trends, I guess 👀🤷.

And for the life of me I can’t figure out how a woman is less of a woman because she doesn’t want to suffer with a man. I don’t understand how a woman becomes unreal when she refuses to be in a relationship with a man who doesn’t or can’t provide for her when men are the providers.

Now, I understand if he once had it and fell. Then yes, I feel a woman should stick it out and allow him time to get back up but if he stays down and is not trying to overcome his financial struggle, why is the woman expected to sit through that?

Whew chile! This world has gotten so twisted. And it’s crazy to want women to suffer for a title of “real woman.” Bish please! A real woman is anybody that was born with a 😺.

Just gone spaceship me to Mars because Earth has lost it’s entire mind with this bull. 😂😂