DATING SELF SERIES: When Ladies’ Night Turns Into Single’s Night Out

Last year I started a ladies’ night out among the ladies in my circle. It was also opened to new faces. The ladies’ night was on a monthly basis. We had an amazing time out for the first night out. That was actually our only night out. No one seemed to have the spending funds to do something for themselves. After there were missed ladies’ nights, I just stopped doing them for a while.

In December I spoke with a couple of the ladies about starting it back up in December, but I threw out the idea of just waiting until after the holidays so that everyone who wanted to participate would have the money to do so. The ladies agreed. However, once I had a solid date and an activity, everybody went ghost. Some were not responding while others simply didn’t have any wiggle room in their budget.

My initial thought was, “Why you all had me waiting until January to do it if none of you were going to participate?” I didn’t care either way at the end of the day. I had scheduled us for Painting with a Twist and it was a pretty painting I wanted to paint. The art was called “Walking in Faith” and it was a pair of pretty little shoes on feet with just enough view of the legs that they were attached to floating in air. I was determined to go by myself and have a good time. That I did! I absolutely loved that night. I enjoyed it so much that I figured that I should start going out by myself more often.


My night started with me loading my children up to drop them off at BaseCamp for Children with Cancer for Kids Night In/Parents Night Out. Then I headed over to my location. I got registered and took my seat between two groups. Well, I was actually the only one there that wasn’t in a group. It did feel a little awkward at first because there’s normally a mixture of a one woman/man crew and a group crew no matter where you go…but this night, I was the only one there without friends, family, or a man.

Besides that, the atmosphere was fun and light. Our instructor had sung a nice France song to one of the ladies that was there because it was her birthday. It was two groups there that stayed cutting up but in a good way. They were joking, singing, and laughing. And me? I was just laughing, enjoying the atmosphere, painting. I took that painting seriously, haha!

I did chat with the two ladies sitting right next to me. One introduced herself to me the moment I sat next to her and we shook hands. The other had come in after I had been seated. She was cool. She kept asking me what we were supposed to be doing after she had taken forever to paint the section before the current section. That went on the WHOLE night. Mind you, the instructor took us step-by-step, sooooo…I don’t know what was going on with her that night.

That is pretty much what my night looked like this month for what was supposed to be ladies’ night out. And afterwards, I left before the end of class pictures. I had to run to get my offspring. So I bounced as soon as I put my name on my painting.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my night out. Most of all, I hope it inspires you to get out and enjoy yourself if you aren’t already doing so. You can enjoy yourself by yourself.


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Thanks for reading!

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