3 Reasons You Should Embrace The Healing Process

I couldn’t imagine my life without the power of healing. Yes, when you are healed, you gain more power and control in multiple areas of your life. It’s not enough just to think about healing. It’s not enough just to want healing. You have to actually go through the healing process. The process can hurt but it is definitely worth the pain you have to endure to face your pain dead in the face.

It’s like a wound that the doctor try to “cover” up and allow to heal from outside in but the wound gets infected or begin to leak. The doctor then “uncover” it, clean it, and leave that wound open so that it will begin to heal from inside out. They had to do it for me when I had my c-section. I hated the pain the cleaning and removal of the staples caused but I had to go through it so it wouldn’t cause any other issues. I was afraid to knowingly walk around with an open wound. I wanted them to “cover” it back up like most of us what to do with our emotional wounds.

That’s kind of like how the process of emotional/mental healing is. Just like my c-section incision had to be “uncovered” and left open to heal, we have to “uncover” and leave our wounds open for proper healing. We have to heal from inside out. No amount of make-up, clothing, sex, drugs, relationships, or alcohol can kill off pain. You have to face it and slay it. In this blog post I’ll give you 3 reasons it’s important that you embrace the healing process.

Healing Helps You Improve Relationships

This is so important. Not just for romantic relationships but any type of relationships. It’s true that some people who enter a romantic relationship wounded are fortunate enough to enter the relationship with someone who can put up with all of their shenanigans. The problem is, many believe that others should put up with their crap but not every man or woman are equipped to handle too much of wounded behaviors.  And why should they just because they love you and YOU decided that you won’t heal and demand that they take you as you are? Your “take me as I am” needs to have “because I’m working on it to be better” behind it. Why should they allow you to bring drama into their life when before you got there, there wasn’t much drama? There’s so many people feeling entitled to be in a person’s life no matter what they do to them. NEWSFLASH! No one owes you anything and no one is obligated to put up with your mess. You need to get your crap together. You need to heal so that your behavior improve, thus improving relationships. You need to heal so that your crap (the things you do because you’re hurt) doesn’t mess up great relationships. Healing is your friend; especially, in the area of relationships.

Healing Helps You Learn to Love Yourself

One of the biggest struggles hurting people find themselves having is loving themselves. It’s hard to believe that you are worthy or good enough when you consider yourself damaged meat. It’s hard to look in the mirror and say, “I love you!” to yourself when you can’t figure out, for the life of you, why on earth someone else should love you. Going through the process of healing and learning to love myself, I realized that once we figure out why others should love, respect, honor, and cherish us, we tend to love, respect, honor, and cherish ourselves for the same reasons. Though, we say it should go the other way, it often doesn’t. It ends up playing out just like that more often than not. Whether you figure out why you love yourself or why others should love you first, it will most likely be proceeded by entering the healing process. Get your healing on and watch how your level of self-love increases.

Healing Frees You to Identify Your Purpose

Are you trying to figure out your purpose but for whatever reason you cannot get clarity of your purpose? Maybe you have an idea of what it is but you’re not confident in that idea? Let me just tell you that healing will help you. Why do I say this? Because your purpose can be identified through 1 of 3 areas (or all) in your life. One of those areas is pain. Yep, your wounds. The reason why it’s hard to identify your purpose in your pain while you are still hurting is because you avoid facing your pain because it hurt. So going through the healing process helps you identify your purpose because once the healing process starts, you begin facing your pain. Once you’re healed you can easily look back on what was your pain and see what’s been hiding there all alone.

You owe it to yourself to get your healing. Your healing is not about anyone else. This is about you and only you. If you enjoyed this entry, share and leave a comment below sharing what you enjoyed the most about this entry.

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