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4-Week Book Writing Bootcamp


Are you ready to write, publish, and get your book into the hands of others? Whether you are writing about your life, training your readers, or providing encouragement, inspiration, or empowerment to your readers, this 4-week boot-camp is for you.

This 4-week book writing boot-camp goes over and beyond to teach you everything you need to know to get you from the thought of writing a book to publishing and selling your book.

In this 4-week book writing boot-camp, you will:

  • Learn how to write your book in 7 days or less
  • Learn strategies to avoid writer's block
  • Learn how to position your book in the marketplace
  • Learn my secret to creating 3 or more income streams from your book
  • Get my favorite free and low cost resources list
  • Learn how to prepare your book for publishing
  • Learn how to create your own promotional content that will save you money
  • Learn how to PROFIT from your book before it's even published
  • And so much more!

Unlike must book writing courses, not only do I teach you how to write your book quickly, I also teach you how to publish your book from start to finish and how to make money with your book. Others up-sell you on those trainings. With my 4-week book writing boot-camp, it's all included in one course.

You will have life-time access via the members portal. Get registered today!



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