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MAKE MONEY TIP #1 – Start With Zero $$$

You do not need a license to do makeup. Now, you may not want to start doing full out makeup so I’ll share multiple options to make money with makeup related skills.

First, let me tell you the options. Then I’ll tell you how to learn how to do these things.


Do not confused this with skincare. Makeup and skincare is different and you will need a license for skincare.



1. Offer STRIP Lashes application. People go to the nail salon just to have it down.

2. Offer eyebrow shaping. You cannot wax without a license but you can thread according to my research… But of course, my research was generic so you’ll need to check with your state. However, you can tweeze.

3. Offer mini makeup makeovers. This only includes the eyebrows, eye makeup & lashes. You can add lipstick/lipgloss if you want. ☝️ The eyebrow in this option can be shaped with concealer.

4. Offer full makeup services.

Well, don’t I need to spend money on makeup and tools to get started?

Nope! To get around that, you’d charge less than you would if you used your own supplies. You simply have them to bring their own lashes and makeup to start out. Then when you earn enough to build up your own supplies, you use the money you’ve made to build it. Also, you can start with your friends and family to get the ball rolling.

Here’s how you learn how to do it all:

Google, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube University. YouTube is always my first option when I want to learn something new.

Now remember this FOREVER!


Learn a skill. Pay those bills!

Don’t worry. If this doesn’t rock your boat, I have a lot more ideas coming.

WARNING! Although I have done generic research on license requirements, please be sure to check your specific state requirements.

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