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MAKE MONEY TIP #3 – 8 Creative Ways You Can Increase Sales in Your Hair Business

Some of you get into the hair bundle business with no training and no internet marketing skills YET you’re only using “internet marketing” to market your business. 💁 Umm okay!

Yes! This internet marketing thing is glamorous but if you don’t know what you are doing and don’t have it in your budget to invest in training or you need to make money quickly…come close…real close… GET YOUR BUTT OUT THE HOUSE AND INTO THEM STREETS.

Okay. I’m calm now. I promise not to yell at you again. Not in this post anyway. But listen, as I’m typing this I’m going to think of a few ways to get out there… On the spot while I’m typing the post so it may be 2 or 4 or 10. I don’t know but let’s see how many I come up with right now.

1. Host some Glam & Sip or Glam & Shop events. Partner with other beauty vendors. Now, let me tell you how you can host some with little to no money.

(A) Host one at the library. You need a library card for the cheapest price. Now, I don’t know but I’m guessing the event needs to be educational. You can do a women’s health, empowerment, or sexual health event + Glam. Now what you would name that, I don’t know but you get the idea.

(B) Do pop ups with a ladies clothing store, spas, nail shops, etc. No out of pocket but you can share the profit… Now this can be both ways. They give you a cut and you give them a cut (of profit) 💁.

(C) Have it at your home or a family or friend’s house.

2. Have a girl’s night out on a party bus… Bring your hair.

3. Have a learn to pole dance party… Bring the hair.

4. Give away hair… At salons. You can do something like the 10th customer gets free bundles. Don’t be crazy and do this at a salon who provides their own hair. The goal is brand awareness and to land some wholesale deals with the salon 💁 or gain new customers from the salon’s clientele.

5. Host beauty and/or hairstylist networking events with hair demos.

6. Have girl’s night in.

7. Take a bundle or two, cut them into pieces and give out samples of the hair locally.

8. Be a vendor at women focused events. Take your hair. Work the crowd when everyone is meeting and greeting. This is when most people hand out business cards. You hand out your samples with a business card attached… And a discount as well or the business card could have the discount on it or whatever deal you want to use. Do demos at your table. I’ve seen bundle vendors and I haven’t seen them do this.

I hope at least one of these helped you. If it did, pass it along. If it didn’t, pass it along. 💁 Help somebody out who could use this.

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