Reach Your Weight Loss Goals

Reach Your Weight Loss Goals is my health and wellness website. If you are looking for a healthy way to lose weight, improve your overall health, or improve your skin care, visit Reach Your Weight Loss Goals website. Be sure to check out the trial size offers.

Hangouts With Shekenya

Hangouts With Shekenya is where I host my weekly business related training. We meet up every Thursday night at 8:30pmEST when I’m available to do them. Training include but not limited to: social media marketing, lead generation, generating free and paid traffic, email marketing, and more.

Girl, Get It Together, FIRST! (Coming soon)

Girl, Get It Together, FIRST is an expansion of the group I created for a 3-week women empowerment class I hosted based off one of my books. You will enjoy free resources, empowering blog entries, contests, helpful videos, tips to help you live your best life, and so much more.

The Real Entrepreneurs of Orlando (Coming soon)

Visit The Real Entrepreneurs of Orlando to catch up on the latest episodes, behind the scenes, and exclusive footage of my reality tv show production. You’ll also be to check out the latest news, interviews, and helpful tips to start, grow, and maintain a thriving business.

Profit Domination Academy (Coming soon)

All things PROFIT! Whether you have a business, or just a product or service, the PDA website is where you need to go to grow your profits. You’ll also be able to sign up for entrepreneurial training courses that are sure to help you exceed your business goals. New business courses will be added periodically. You will also have the opportunity to join live courses that are hosted in cycles.

XLE EnterCation (Coming soon)

XLE EnterCation is my children’s website for their peers. The website is focused on educating while entertaining. In addition, they will be sharing how children handle different situations; such as, peer pressure, bullying, and family issues. If you have children, trouble or not, be sure to book mark this site and allow your children to spend some time browsing.