Strength or Sound Decisions?

Shekenya Harris

Sound decisions are often times mistaken as strength. Let me ask you this: How is it that you can overcome something you’re weak in by your strength..but you’re weak?

I didn’t heal from sexual abuse because I was strong. It’s because I made a sound decision to get healed from it. Then I sought after God for healing. I didn’t leave my fiance after having to fight him because I was strong. I left because I made a sound decision that I wasn’t going to live like that, it took a minute but I did it…in which, I had to seek God for healing from that, also. I didn’t overcome low self-esteem because I was strong. I made a sound decision that I wasn’t going to allow people to continue to treat me any kind of way or make me feel negative about myself. I sought God to learn how to love myself, to find my identity that boosted my confidence, and to learn my true worth which in turn allowed me to free myself of guilt when I stopped letting people use me and treat me in a way that was unacceptable to me. I didn’t overcome that suicidal spirit I had for years because I’m strong. I made a sound decision that I wasn’t going to let my kids ever hear that I didn’t think about them enough to not take my own life. So, I sought God that He may reveal what’s so great about my life that I shouldn’t take my life(that was the mindset I was in)?

People often hear pieces of my story and say I’m a strong woman. I’m strong now but I overcame and find an out of certain situations in my weakness by making a sound decision that led to me seeking God that ultimately made me a strong woman.

So if you are needing to overcome something that you feel weak in, understand that strength isn’t needed. A sound decision to overcome is. If you notice, my sound decision-making led me to seek out the things that would help me stand fast in those decisions. When you make a sound decision, you begin to educate yourself in the area which causes you to become stronger.

Decide on today, to make a sound decision to change your situation.

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