The #1 Reason We Will Always Desire to Be Loved By Someone

Love is a journey and we will always be a people who will continue to desire love, in humanly form, for all of our lives. The one thing I want you to understand is that feeling love surrounding you and being loved by someone is two different things, but I will get into that later. I also want you to understand that desiring love from that one special person is 100% okay. In fact, if you ever try to stop desiring that, you’ll just be trying to run away from yourself.

In this blog post, I’m going to share with you why we will always desire to be loved by that one person that just “do it” for us.

As we live our lives we get in and out of relationships. Some people have been blessed to enter into one relationship, make it successful, and pass away from the relationship. But we know that is not the majority and that’s okay. The problem comes in when few of the people who have been hurt or just can’t seem to “find” love decides to give up on love altogether. They deny themselves of receiving love.

They try their hardest to harden their hearts but at the end of the day, the desire to be loved never leaves. It’s only suppressed! It lays dormant deep down inside. Instead of them admitting that they feel that desire creeping through them they simply ignore it as if it doesn’t exist. It will always exist in each and every one of us…because it is our mark up.

We are love! We will always want to receive love. We will always want to give love. Not knowing how to properly do it doesn’t take that fact away.

You may be saying, “But I feel loved!” That’s great!!!! I’m glad you do. If you’ve taken the first step to feeling an abundance of love, you would feel love. I’ll go into that in a near future post, but quickly in a nutshell, once you’ve accepted the unconditional love from God, you should always feel love. However, that is not the same as desiring love from an earthling. And if you’re successfully married, that desire is still there, you just already have it.

Okay, so here’s the #1 reason we will always desire to be loved by someone…

We were made out of love. We were made in love. We were made in the image of love (God is love). We were made to love. We were made to receive love. It’s all up and through the bible…go check it out. God has everything about us all wrapped up in love. This is why I say that our mark up, or make up if you prefer, is love and that we are love.

It’s okay to have the desire to be loved. You’re love normal.

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